About the Photographer

Shortly after finishing college I was filling out a form for something or another, and it asked for my profession. I put down photographer and I’ve been one ever since.

It was quite early in life that I discovered the joy of being behind a camera. I am self contained back there – ready to record the life in front of me. Of course the studio is an extension of this, a place where I can create a small perfect world full of emotion and beauty, well thats the goal anyway. I am not a reporter of cold facts, instead what I strive to do is catch a point in time and take the viewer to that place and to that moment.

All the work on this site is my own – studio, travel and events. Stealing and/or copying my photographs is a very sincere form of flattery, however you could simply hire me which would save you a step. Send me an email and we can talk.


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